An interactive project of Johana Tomková (CZ) & Poyraz Yıldırım (TR), both students at the University of Arts in Linz, Austria. This is an emotional journey within rationally unreachable spaces. This project interferes with different perspectives, different measurements, combines real personal data, uses them for visual graphics made on spot and therefore lets us travel beyond the “reality” that we’ve known so far. In one room the inner site of us meets the farthest site that we can only imagine.
We consider the sun as a heart of the outer space. Of a space that we can barely imagine. The aim was to reach it more deeply than our reality allows. Preferably to reach the sun with something, that has a similar, or even greater meaning to a human being. A symbol of the, so to say, other side, symbol of our life, of our inner self, of our soul – the heart. We decided to design a dark room, which resembles with our inner selves. It invites us to sit inside our own minds and observe the outer space from the deep cave of our heart.
We intended to bring a unique experience by using real data – visitor’s own heartbeat frequency – the visitor is going to travel with his/her own heart; for the purpose we used a sensor built in 3D heart-shaped model. The design of the model reflects the duality of the sun and the heart co-existence. Great energy and heat can be also devastating, yet there is a life glowing from the deep, waiting to be touched…
We attempted to understand The Space differently. That’s to say either as media talking to us or interviewing each other. We’ve begun finding spaces not visible to many of us in daily life, without them nothing would be possible though (including visual communication). They are the crucial talking spaces that in a certain manner design our lives.
Designed by Johana TOMKOVÁ and Şehmus Poyraz YILDIRIM 2016